Alumni Spotlight: Eion Dockery

Alumni Spotlight: Eion Dockery

Name: Eion Dockery '19

Job Title: Environmental Technologist/ Soccer Official

Organization: Town of Carolina Beach/ USSF&NCHSAA

Eion Dockery played on the men's soccer team from 2017-2018.  During his freshman season, Dockery helped lead the Sea Devils to a 9-7-1 overall record and a 7-6-1 conference record. He started all 17 games his first season. In Dockery's sophomore season he was named a captain, but due to an injury Dockery's season was cut short.

After graduating from CFCC in 2019, Eion transferred to UNC Wilmington, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Sustainability. Aside from being a full-time student, Dockery works for the town of Carolina Beach in the environmental department. To remain involved with athletics he officiates youth, high school, college and semi-professional soccer. Dockery still keeps in contact with some of his former CFCC teammates.

"The level of motivation I gained from my time at CFCC as a student athlete has yet to be matched," said Dockery. "My end goal was always very clear for me in my time at CFCC; the instructors, my peers, and the Athletic Department made it very clear to me that those two years I had nothing but opportunity ahead of me. It was a constant feeling of 'the best is yet to come', which has resonated in my head and stuck with me ever since. My time spent at CFCC was full of new experiences and allowed me to communicate with local professionals in the work force and gain lifelong connections."

What was your most memorable moment looking back at your time at Cape Fear?
"The recognition on campus was always a lot of fun for me. My favorite memories have got to be receiving credit, or praise in a way, from instructors. When you get an email with something as simple as a 'Thank you for making sure you submitted this today before your game' followed by a 'Good luck and see you tomorrow', really went along way. My professors always made me feel respected and made me even more excited to stay focused on academics as well as my performance on the field."

If you could tell an incoming freshman one thing what would it be?
"Don't be afraid to ask questions, I know that's pretty basic, but the goal for me at CFCC was to get in, do everything I needed to do and get out. Everyone around you at Cape Fear has a larger goal, a bigger dream, their own mission if you will, to get their life where they want it to be. Using the resources that are there will only expedite the experience for you. Reaching out and asking questions is one of the best things that you can do as a freshman, it's also a great way to meet new people, and create new connections."

What is your biggest accomplishment after leaving Cape Fear? (personal or professional)
"When I got my full-time job after leaving CFCC and being accepted to the school I always wanted to attend, were both really great accomplishments for myself and have given me a huge boost of comfort and confidence moving forward with my life."

Courtesy of Breanna Sudano