2019-20 CFCC Athletic Banquet Awards

2019-20 CFCC Athletic Banquet Awards

Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College would like to showcase the success of the 2019-20 student athletes with the announcement of our 2019-20 team and individual awards.

As academics remain a top priority at CFCC, a number of athletes were honored for their academic excellence. The following 48 student-athletes earned a 3.0 GPA or higher during the fall 2019 semester.

Royce Jarrett - Men's Basketball
Dakari Johnson - Men's Basketball
Demarcus Johnson - Men's Basketball
Hunter Meyer - Men's Basketball
Kendel Bailey - Women's Basketball
Tatiyani Ramsey - Women's Basketball
Charles Barkman - Men's Soccer
Blackwell Bridgforth - Men's Soccer
Justin Lashin - Men's Soccer
Prentice Lucus - Men's Soccer
Cameron Murray - Men's Soccer
Miquel Rubio Villagran - Men's Soccer
Luis Tavara - Men's Soccer
Tristan Torbett - Men's Soccer
Taylor Trimble - Men's Soccer
Samantha Armstrong - Women's Soccer
Haven Best - Women's Soccer
Keely Bowen - Women's Soccer
Sidney Corbin - Women's Soccer
Isabel Covert - Women's Soccer
Abigail Cowan - Women's Soccer
Trinity Davis - Women's Soccer
Camryn Ekonomon - Women's Soccer
De'sheryl Hill - Women's Soccer & Basketball
Sam Iorio - Women's Soccer
Gabrielle Kirkman - Women's Soccer
Braydon Lewis Mizlo - Women's Soccer
Cheyenna Murray - Women's Soccer
Lina Vasquez - Women's Soccer
Ryan Winseman - Women's Soccer
Lauren Adams - Volleyball
Angelica Biele  - Volleyball
Maryellie Carpenter - Volleyball
Neryssa Donnell - Volleyball
Ceri'on Ellis Mosley - Volleyball
Jensen Worthington Gandy - Volleyball
Ivy Renn - Volleyball
Ally Royal - Volleyball
Emily Steyskal - Volleyball
Cassie Taylor - Volleyball
Callie Weaver - Volleyball
Samantha Abrams - Cheer
James Boatwright - Cheer
Dorothy Carr - Cheer
Emma Colby - Cheer
Julianna DeVito - Cheer
Hazel Ellison - Cheer
Sebastian Zucker - Cheer

Cape Fear Community College Athletics also finished another successful season on the court/field of play with two Region 10 Tournament Runner Up finises, while17 student athletes were named to the 2019-20 Region 10 All Region Team.

All Region Awards included:

Men's Basketball
Dakari Johnson – 1st Team All Region
Torey James – 2nd Team All Region
Talton Jones– 2nd Team All Region

Women's Basketball
Rashauna Grant – 1st Team All Region

Men's Soccer
Travis Cotton – 3rd Team All Region
Taylor Trimble – 3rd Team All Region
Kobe Hepburn – 3rd Team All Region

Women's Soccer
Keely Bowen – 1st Team All Region
Isabel Covert – 1st Team All Region
Trinity Davis – 1st Team All Region
Maggie Hall – 1st Team All Region
Espo McKay – 1st Team All Region
Gracie Stoltz – 2nd Team All Region

Women's Volleyball
Angelica Biele – 1st Team All Region and Region Tournament MVP
Ceri'on Ellis Mosley – 1st Team All Region
Naomi Pegues – 2nd Team All Region
Callie Weaver – 2nd Team All Region and Region Tournament MVP

Team Awards included:

Men's Basketball
Coach's Award – TJ NeSmith
Freshman of the Year – Dakari Johnson
Most Valuable Player – Talton Jones

Coach's Award – Paige Grove
Freshman of the Year – Hazel Ellison
Most Valuable Player – Julianna DeVito

Women's Basketball
Coach's Award – Jadin Gladden
Freshman of the Year – Akyia King
Most Valuable Player – Rashauna Grant

Men's Soccer
Coach's Award – Taylor Trimble
Freshman of the Year – Tristan Torbett
Most Valuable Player – Travis Cotton

Women's Soccer
Coach's Award – Abbey Cowan
Freshman of the Year – Keely Bowen
Most Valuable Player – Trinity Davis

Coach's Award – Jensen Worthington Gandy
Freshman of the Year – Angelica Biele
Most Valuable Player – Callie Weaver

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