Alumni Spotlight: Raime Cooper

Alumni Spotlight: Raime Cooper

Name: Raime Clare Cooper

Job Title: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Organization: OT Solutions

Raime Clare Cooper played Women's Soccer from 2015-2016. During her time with the Sea Devils she earned NJCAA All-Region Second Team and All-Academic award for outstanding play and academic achievement for two consecutive years. Cooper also received the Scholar All-American award in 2016 from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and was chosen MVP for the 2016-17 year.

After completing her athletic eligibility, Raime continued her education through CFCC's occupational therapy assistant program. She graduated from CFCC in May of 2019 with an Associates of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistance. Cooper currently resides in Wilmington, NC where she works for OT Solutions, which is a private pediatric occupational and speech therapy clinic.

When asked what her job entails Cooper said "I am a licensed and certified occupational therapy assistant. My position of work entails utilizing a holistic approach to help others of all ages and abilities recover from or cope with disease, injury, or disability through creative interventions and evidence-based practice. My job is to help children maintain their highest level of function/potential while applying my therapeutic use of self so that they can resume their previous roles, occupations, and perform every day-life activity with greater independence and confidence".

She remains involved in athletics by running, attending workout programs, and playing pick-up sports with family and friends. When asked if she remains in contact with former teammates and players, Cooper said "Yes! I have made some of the best lifelong friendships through playing soccer at Cape Fear. I believe our wonderful experiences and memories shared together in those years created a strong bond between us and shaped future friendship. Even to this day, we enjoy hanging out and celebrating our life's milestones". Her time as a student athlete at CFCC helped prepare her for her current career and lifestyle choices by "prioritizing and maintaining a steady balance between my social life and academic performance, which carries over into the workplace".

What was your most memorable moment looking back at your time at Cape Fear?
There are too many to list! Just thinking back on playing with some of the best group of girls, the good times we shared, the challenges we overcame, and the achievements we made is something that still gives me chills to think about. I think the most outstanding and memorable moment I look back on was when we came out as regional champions and became the first women's team in our school history to advance into the NJCAA national soccer tournament, which was held in Melbourne, FL. We all got rings and everything! Seeing that it was my final year playing college soccer, this opportunity to extend playing time and spend more time with my team made it all the more special.       

If you could tell an incoming freshman one thing what would it be?
Get involved in your school! Whether it's joining a sports team, volunteering, gaining academic credits/opportunities, or becoming a member of a club, be invested and show leaders that you can be trusted and valued.

What is your biggest accomplishment after leaving Cape Fear? (personal or professional)
Upon graduation, I received one of the highest honorary awards in my program for demonstrating exceptional dedication to the profession of occupational therapy. In addition, I landed a job in my hometown, which allows me to be close to my family and friends… As well as the beach!  

Courtesy of Breanna Sudano