Sea Devil Code of Conduct

We don’t just raise banners, we RAISE champions

Student-athletes recruited into the CFCC athletics program are extended the privilege of participating in intercollegiate athletics.  This privilege in no way constitutes a right to take part.  In return for the privilege of participating in the intercollegiate athletics program, student-athletes must be willing to accept personal responsibility and/or accountability for their behavior.  Student-athletes have significant responsibilities.  In order to maintain good academic/athletic standing, student-athletes are expected to abide by all CFCC College policies and procedures, CFCC Student Code of Conduct, and follow rules set forth by the CFCC Athletic Department, and ultimately the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).  CFCC student athletes are expected to represent themselves, their team and the College with honesty, integrity, and character whether it be academically, athletically or socially.


Pursuant to CFCC Athletic Department and NJCAA rules, unacceptable student-athlete behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Physically or verbally abusing teammates, officials, coaches, opponents or spectators; treat those with dignity and respect;
  • Engaging in any discussion, whether critical or not, to game officials, or game management personnel; 
  • Using obscene or otherwise inappropriate language or gestures;
  • Inappropriate conduct in public areas (e.g., restaurants, hotels, housing, College campus, off campus settings); conduct must be exemplary, YOU represent the College; public image is a priority;
The CFCC Athletic Department will investigate all incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct and will discipline the student-athlete accordingly (refer to the CFCC Student Handbook / Code of Conduct).

CFCC’S Alcohol and Drug Policy

Cape Fear Community College has a “Zero Tolerance” when it comes to drugs and alcohol consumption while representing the college during college events.  Any violation will result in immediate suspension from the college for one academic year and complete withdrawal from all current classes; no exceptions In addition, the suspended individual will have a notation placed on their permanent record.  Refer to the Cape Fear Community College Catalog and Student Handbook for more information regarding the CFCC’s Alcohol and Drug Policy.  Cape Fear Community College does not differentiate among unlawful users, sellers or pusher of alcohol and/or drugs.  Any student who uses, possesses, sells, gives or in any way transfers alcoholic beverages or a controlled substance is subject to disciplinary proceedings by the College and referred for prosecution.  In regards to the Department of Athletics, any confirmed use of an illegal substance by a student athlete will result in immediate suspension from athletic participation.  The use of tobacco and alcohol are not encouraged.