Methods of Giving

Inside the Sea Devil Club

Welcome to Sea Devil Nation!  

Founded in 2004, the "Sea Devil Club" has been an integral and vital part of the overall athletic program and its success.  Donations to the Sea Devil Club give Cape Fear Community College student-athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest collegiate level and earn a degree from one of the most academically challenging Junior Colleges in the nation. As the popularity and success of Sea Devil Athletics has grown over the past decade, the Sea Devil Club has become one of the most critical facets of the department during these current economic times.

The primary mission of the Sea Devil Club is to secure financial support that provides student-athletes the opportunity to achieve academic and athletic excellence through scholarship. As a non-profit organization, the Sea Devil Club supports over 90 male and female student-athletes who compete in five (5) intercollegiate sports recognized by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

A donation to the Sea Devil Club through the Cape Fear Community College Foundation, Inc. (501(c) (3) provides the backbone of financial support for Sea Devil Athletics. Funds raised by the Sea Devil Club from CFCC faculty and staff, area businesses, alumni, fans, and friends, aid in funding scholarships for Sea Devil student-athletes, provide athletic facility improvements, and other programmatic needs of Cape Fear Community College's athletic program.

Sea Devil Club members enjoy a number of benefits, including the opportunity to attend athletic events, special meetings and functions with CFCC coaches and athletic administrators, priority tickets, an invitation to the Annual Foundation Banquet, as well as other social events. Members also receive a sense of ownership in the successes experienced by the Sea Devil athletic program and satisfaction that comes from knowing they play an important role in the lives of young men and women, who positively represent Cape Fear Community College on and off the playing fields.

The financial support provided by the Sea Devil Club is essential to the success of the Cape Fear Community College athletic program we now enjoy. Through the leadership of the athletic administration, coaching staff and college support, our program has expanded and offers something very unique to the Cape Fear Community College student.  

So please, Give Now, the impact of your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of our CFCC student-athletes.

Our Donors

Sea Devil Club members are the life-blood of Cape Fear Community College Athletics. Their ongoing commitment and loyal support give Cape Fear Community College student-athletes the opportunity to represent us in the classroom and on the court or field of play.  As of today, Sea Devil student-athletes benefit from the generosity of donors from all walks of life - dedicated faculty, staff, CFCC alumni, members of the community, parents and friends, who all have included the athletic program in their annual charitable giving and financial planning.

Sea Devil Club members have one thing in common – a passion for Cape Fear Community College. It is this passion and their commitment to the future of Cape Fear Community College Athletics that makes the Sea Devil Club so special. On behalf of the Sea Devil Club and the entire athletic department, we would like to say “thank you” to each and every donor who has provided support for Cape Fear Community College Athletics. We truly appreciate your generosity and loyalty. 

Here is how your gift can help a student-athlete.

$70-$120     Pays for one textbook                          
$312 Pays for one 3 credit class (in-state)
$1,058 Pays for in-state tuition for one semester (12 hours)
$1,400 Pays for a textbooks for one academic year
$2,116 Pays for in-state tuition for one academic year
$3,516 Pays for in-state tuition & books for one academic year
$3,362 Pays for out-of-state tuition for one semester (12 hours)
$6,724 Pays for out-of-state tuition for one academic year
$8,124 Pays for out-of-state tuition & books for one academic year

 *Tuition, books and fees are subject to change.

Donors can give to Sea Devil Athletics in various ways, for numerous reasons, and in any amount. The programs and gifting opportunities currently available are presented below.

Annual Membership & Scholarship Fund

The Sea Devil Club raises funds annually through its membership program in which monies are allocated to fund scholarships for student-athletes who attend Cape Fear Community College. The Annual Membership Fund is the Sea Devil Club’s key for covering scholarship costs. Each year, the Sea Devil Club strives to cover the highest percentage of scholarships allowable, which is essential to the success of Cape Fear Community College athletics.

Every year the administration sets lofty goals to increase membership and overall contributions. With 100% of Sea Devil Club donations going directly towards student-athletes, just joining the Sea Devil Club means knowing that you play a significant role in the success of each and every Cape Fear Community College student-athlete.

As the cost of education continues to increase, scholarship funding remains one of the CFCC athletic department’s most pressing needs through our Annual Membership Fund. You can make an immediate impact on the lives of our student-athletes with a gift to Sea Devil Athletics.

Fundraising Events

The Sea Devil Club is responsible for all fund-raising activities that support student-athletes who receive scholarships to attend Cape Fear Community College. Without additional fundraising efforts, the College could not provide the financial assistance to those students in need.  

Annually, the athletic department and our student-athletes host special events and community fundraisers to promote interest in our programs and to provide member engagement among our student-athletes and donors. The primary focus of the Sea Devil Club’s fundraising efforts is to grow the resources available for athletic scholarships. These scholarship funds go directly to meet the needs of deserving student-athletes who positively represent us in the classroom and on and off the court.


The Importance of an Athletic Endowment

Endowed scholarships are permanent, named funds.  These funds are invested and a portion of the income generated is used to fund scholarships annually.  A Cape Fear Community College endowment fund, which pays an annual yield, requires a $25,000 minimum amount to set up an endowment.  Scholarship criteria may be specified by the donor and may include an area of study and/or minimum GPA requirement.  Donors may add to the corpus of the endowment at any time.  Establishing an endowment is a wonderful way to establish a legacy at the college that will exist in perpetuity.  They are also a meaningful way to honor and/or memorialize a family member or friend. 

Non-endowed scholarships are temporary, named funds.  They are commonly called “pass-through” scholarships and can be established with a monetary gift of any size.  They remain active as long as donors replenish the fund. 

By establishing an Athletic Scholarship Endowment you provide the necessary funds to assist in underwriting the cost of tuition, fees, books, and course related materials for deserving Cape Fear Community College student-athletes.  An Athletic Scholarship Endowment provides hope and opportunity for generations to come.  They truly are gifts that last forever!

Donors receive special recognition in the Sea Devil Club when designating the endowment for academic excellence and athletic achievement.

Naming Opportunities                                                                                                                

Naming opportunities enables a donor to have their name, or that of a loved one, attached to a specific athletic facility, building, room, garden, brick walk, etc., for a specified amount. Naming opportunities also provide outstanding opportunities for local businesses, corporations, and private donors committed to furthering the CFCC mission of student excellence.  The funds collected from a Naming Opportunity for CFCC may go to a scholarship or may be assigned to a specific account in order to assist programmatic needs.

Capital Projects

Building the Future for Cape Fear Community College Athletics

The Sea Devil Club also assists in raising funds to improve existing facilities or provide new construction in hopes to build a future for our student-athletes.  Athletic facilities are the bed-rock of an athletic program, and these improvements allow for our student-athletes to be able to compete at the highest level in state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition to raising money for scholarships, the Sea Devil Club is also dedicated to equipping our student-athletes with first-class facilities through a variety of ongoing capital projects.  The Sea Devil Club plays a fundamental role in facility improvements through the support of our generous donors. Capital project donations provide the revenue necessary to build and maintain first-class facilities, which bring vitality and visibility to Cape Fear Community College athletics. Sea Devil Club donors have helped bring many projects to life such as the The Joe and Barbara Schwartz Center and The North Campus Soccer Stadium.

Financial Assets & Gift-In-Kind

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, or property are excellent means of support.  Gifts of financial assets may help you avoid a capital gains tax incurred if these assets are personally sold.

Gift-in-kind are donated tangible and intangible assets or property to include, but not limited to, equipment, automobiles, boats, personal property, and any other physical asset that may offer or represent value to the CFCC athletic program or College.

Planned Giving

Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy and support the life of an education.  Deferred or planned gifts benefit our student-athletes well into the future, while providing immediate and deferred tax advantages to both you and your heirs. Through the use of many types of deferred-giving vehicles, such as will bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, and gifts of appreciated assets, donors can ensure the future excellence of Sea Devil Athletics.

Matching Gifts

Many companies and corporations have a matching gift program. Ask your employer for information concerning a matching gift program that supports education.  Please be sure to enclose your matching gift form with your pledge/payment application. The Sea Devil Club will recognize your donation at the level of your personal gift, plus the match!

Give Now!

You may consider a gift through one of the following methods of payment: 

Cash or Check

A donation may be made to the Sea Devil Club Scholarship Fund by cash or check. 

Please make checks payable to: CFCC

Please mail checks to:
CFCC Athletics
C/O Sea Devil Club
411 North Front St.
Wilmington, NC  28401

Credit Card

A donation may also be made to the Sea Devil Club Scholarship Fund by credit card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard). If you wish to donate online, please click here.

CFCC Payroll Deduction

Any current CFCC employee, faculty or staff, may make a donation through payroll deduction.  Please contact the foundation at ( for the appropriate form to activate payroll deduction. Your donation or pledge may be renewed on an annual basis.

Scholarships = Championships

Remember, the Cape Fear Community College Foundation, Inc. (501(c) (3) will acknowledge your gift with a receipt for tax purposes. A large percentage of the membership may be deductible as a charitable gift, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).   It is suggested to consult with your tax advisor when determining the deductibility of any charitable gift. 

To join the Sea Devil Club or for additional information on the levels of contribution and membership benefits, visit our website at or contact the Athletic Department at (910) 362-7010 or by email at